Self Defense for children 5-15 years old 

Don’t just “bullyproof” your child, prepare them for all of life’s challenges in and out of the dojo.

This is not day care, this is real Martial Arts (Karate & Jujutsu)                                                                                                                

Training in KoKashi Ryu Martial Arts:

  • Self-confidence – (To confront physical, mental, and emotion issues)

  • Self-awareness – (To identify situations before they develop)

  • Respect – (Both for themselves and others)

  • Physical fitness and stretching – (To develop the body and prevent injury)  

  • Reflex Coordination - (A key tool for self-defense and other sports)

  • Self-Defense – (Not sport /point fighting, but actual self-preservation techniques)

Life does not hand out “participation trophies”, neither do we.

Students will earn their ranks, develop their skills, and better themselves.

KoKashi Ryu Martial Arts:

  • Train at your own pace.

  • No belt / testing fees.

  • Learn striking, grappling, throws, takedowns, and weapons.

The class is designed to be fun for the students while improving physical fitness and teaching them martial arts.

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

$85  Per Month

No signup fees, No testing fees, No contracts (Ask about our free uniform special)

Senior Instructor – Paul  Bystedt Sensei (8th Dan)


(361) 799-3069

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